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About JackSpot

Tapping in to Local Knowledge

Using JackSpot's unique map, you can share your experiences and learn about what's going on in the area, while keeping your identity and current location private. Harness the power of local knowledge and rediscover what it means to be truly connected.

You can create a Note anywhere in the world, and place it to share an experience related to that location.

We at JackSpot feel there is currently a big social problem caused by targeted content and personalized algorithms in social networking. It’s a problem of isolation. We live in a world where a person can have thousands of ‘Friends’ and no genuine human connections – so we made a new kind of platform. One that requires no direct friending, and helps users connect with others in their area using Spots on our own custom map.

No more targeting, just real authentic human connection. You know, the ‘old-fashioned’ way – but with our own modern twist.Go on, mark your Spot.


How Does it Work?

You can be anywhere, anytime.

  • Map View

    Browse the spots available in any location from the map or in listview

  • Location Manager

    Quickly jump from one location to another and save favorites

  • Easy Spot Creation

    There are only three steps to create a spot. Fun and simple!

Speaker Camera Screenshot
  • Integrated Chat

    Engage in public or private conversations from any spot

  • Custom Identities

    Decide how to appears to other users

  • Safe

    We care about your privacy and the safety of your data

Your Community Chatterbox

Place your own Spots on the Map

JackSpot is like twitter for local interactions; a craigslist of the 21st century;
a storefront for your business with a built-in ability to be discovered

  • Note

    Post a Note to share your
    experience at any location

    Find a great new hiking trail?
    Share it and include a photo!

    Just had a great meal?
    Recommend a restaurant.

    See something noteworthy?
    Let the community know!

  • Club

    Start a Club to connect with others
    who share your same interests

    Love working out?
    Find other fitness-fanatics
    and meet your next goal.

    Passionate about cooking?
    Share and compare recipes!

    Want to create a personal
    group with your buddies?
    Set up a private Club.

  • Kiosk

    Open a Kiosk to promote your
    business or sell your skills

    Running your own stand at
    the farmer's market?
    Set up shop and get more customers.

    Play an instrument or speak
    a foreign language?
    Connect with potential pupils.

    Own a local/home business?
    Showcase your service or product!

Watch Video

A little preview of the user interface

App Screenshots

JackSpot is optimized for recent iOS devices including iPhone X, XS, XR



Now Available!

JackSpot is built for iPhone (iOS 11 or 12). It is only available in United States and Canada at this time.

The Android and web versions are coming later this year.


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